A quality design aesthetic is virtually useless without a well-executed backend architecture to support it. At Mass Media Group, our team of developers routinely build and deploy superior cutting-edge server-side solutions drawing from our exhaustive arsenal of time tested "Best of Breed" methodologies.

All kind of web and application development

Our Development Team utilize a wide range of current technologies available, including PHP, AJAX, MySQL, and XML, to develop powerful and efficient applications. The Mass Media Group Development Team also boasts several proven successes in the ecommerce arena, having developing seamless online shopping experiences and CRM applications for our clients' customers.


Early adopters of the CodeIgniter and the Zend frameworks, we now leverage PHP for all of our custom development efforts. In our early years we believed in being technology agnostic and we worked in Ruby on Rails, ASP, Java, and even Cold Fusion. Experience has shown that our clients and team members benefit greatly from focus. We're a curious and still play with other technologies, but we'd rather be great PHP developers than just pretty good developers. So, we are.

Content Management systems (CMS)

Our content management solutions are provided on different levels based on our client's unique needs. We have a powerful enterprise content management system on a scaleable, extensible high-performance platform that can be customized for our larger clients and any unique needs. We also use a variety of open source content management solutions including CMS-MS, Drupal, Magento, and Wordpress. Whatever your website's primary function, be it e-commerce, social networking, or informational, we can develop and integrate content management capabilities to ensure your digital efforts are as effective as possible.

If your needs run bigger than the development of a system and you're looking for assistance on content creation or human maintenance, we can help you choose the best content strategy based on your needs, goals, and objectives.


We don't like big, bloated, and often out-of-date planning documents. Our small teams participate in daily standup meetings where progress and blockers are discussed. One-Two week iterations, including functional demonstrations that ensure requirements changes are addressed quickly, and the product meets the client's expectations. Often clients take an active role in the development process, helping to set priorities and evolving feature requirements.

Our process is transparent and the more engaged a client can be, the better the product will be. Working in-person with our team, while valuable at certain points, is not essential as we use several web-based tools to support collaboration and communication.

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