Our staff of talented individuals brings life to Mass Media Group each day. The distinct skills we collectively possess are as diverse as the staff members themselves, and when focused to reach a goal - whether it's achieving a business objective for a client or winning a paintball match at a company event - our teams are exceptionally effective.

Peter Ivanov


Peter Ivanov has a diverse background in media technology, having worked in creative and technical capacities on interactive projects and almost every kind of web-based project in-between. Mass Media Group is the collaboration of his passion for the internet and a desire to enable people to use it in meaningful ways.


Boris Sokolov


Boris Sokolov is entrepreneur, designer and developer who has been making things on the web for the last 7 years. He has a passion for the medium that has fueled his desire to learn and to share. Boris will be putting his vast experience into front-end development and design at Mass Media Group.


Alexander Raikov


Alex Raikov has been with us since 2008, building applications in PHP and AJAX that meet and exceed our clients' expectations. He is instrumental in technical management of all projects and recruiting top talent to our office.


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