At the top of our vision is our team of veterans, each with several years of industry experience and a diverse foundation of skills and knowledge. In actuality, our experts are the decisive difference in the ongoing search for quality, as our studio constantly challenges every individual to fully harness their creative and technical potential.

Our team of designers, developers and project managers has been instilled with the confidence and trust to consistently deliver high-impact client solutions on-time and within budget. Every member of our team holds an obsession for detail and a passion for perfection in their work efforts; this is the fuel that makes the difference.

In order to deliver on on our promise to deliver relevant business results through strategic web solutions, it is crucial for us to understand the specific background of each client's industry.

Having previous experience specific to particular industries enables the web services team to understand its clients' business needs and anticipate cutting-edge web solutions to realise specific business objectives with confidence.


Since our inception and throughout Mass Media Group Studio's history it has invariably been observed that no two projects have ever been the same. Often, we have witnessed first-hand as other agencies overwhelm their staff and resources through their burning desire to develop a single universal methodology. As a result, top-tier service providers are frequently more costly and less capable of working against a stringent deadline.

For us the added expense that comes from a particularly burdensome process is simply unacceptable; we pride ourselves on our ability to effectively "turn on a dime", as we believe that a flexible process is central to meeting our client's needs while maintaining efficiency. At Mass Media Group, we leverage our proven methodologies and expertise to create practical, rewarding relationships with our clients while delivering solutions that reach beyond their expectations.

Work Organization and Methodology

Instead of launching cookie-cutter websites and making small modifications, we build every web application in a unique manner to compliment your unique business story. Our approach is to develop light, scalable, and flexible modules that are constantly being used, tested and improved. Using these to build from, we create powerful web applications that accelerate your digital results.

In order to keep everything on schedule we practice best web development methodologies and utilize the latest web development technologies. Frameworks, Source Control, MVC and Usability Testing are only a part of our process.

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