Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (also called Social Media Optimization or SMO) is one of the hottest trends in Internet marketing. Make no mistake, though, we're not simply riding the bandwagon blindly. We've been involved in the rise of social media for years now. Our digital agency, in fact, has been building custom social networking websites for years and specializes in social media. With our social media marketing services, we can meet your goals, whether traffic, sign-ups, purchases, or brand impressions by using effective social media channels that are cost-efficient and still oftentimes untapped by your competition. We can help you build your brand via Twitter, grow your customer-base via blogging, and engage with customers via Facebook. We are heavily involved in the social media realm, regularly attending events and closely watching industry happenings. Let us leverage our years of experience to turn your brand social.

What is all about

The introduction and widespread use of social media tools is shaking up traditional marketing and communications methods in nearly every industry. A recent study reported that nearly 85% of online Americans expect to engage with a company through social media tools such as blogs, social networks, or even Twitter. With an ever-changing lineup of digital tools and a shifting online landscape of conversations, where do you start?

A simple and effective social media strategy begins with identifying your customers, listening to what they're saying, and engaging in a way that is meaningful to them.

Especially in an economic downturn, retaining customers is just as important as identifying new ones. Rather than trying to reach customers through traditional media that may have little relevance and measurability, social media marketing cultivates direct, quantifiable relationships that help grow brand loyalty.

  • Digital Identity Map: Jumping into social media can be scary. We identify relevant communities, bloggers, and conversations to help make it easy for clients to get in the game.
  • Social Networks Monitoring : Listening to conversations is critical to success in the social media space.
  • Social Media Strategy : From advising clients on how to enter the social media landscape to helping them improve on an existing strategy, we ensure our clients are using the right tools the right way.
  • Branded Tools : Often, the best strategy is to build something, whether it's an embeddable widget, a blog, a Facebook Application, or a microsite.

We not only have the minds to develop your social marketing strategy, but we have the design and development talent to turn ideas into reality. And that's a big advantage!

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