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Site Estimate
45 days
Date Completed
25 Apr 2008
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About this project

Sunny Beach Real Estate ( is very good portal for selling sea-side properties online. We have built custom design and CMS with XML feeds to Rightmove and other big property portals. When they came to us with their important purpose and new branding initiative, we knew the site had to deliver an exceptional design and manageable content solution that met their needs. They wanted a web site that reflects the same impressive ambiance and level of service that they provide to clients in the "Sunny Beach" area.

Services provided

  • Real Estate Content Management System - to allow admins access to editing content, real estate listings, etc.
  • Design, including the main site and email templates
  • Email Marketing to increase leads and sales
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) including campaign maintenance
  • Google Analytics to track and improve performance
  • SEO First Google page for various Real estate related keywords, try "sunny beach real estate" in Yahoo or "sunny beach bulgaria real estate" in Google.


Mike Hristov: We are really pleased with the results that Mass Media Group has provided. The quality of work that they have created has been second to none. They have done a great job of taking what we have asked them to do and creating a solid custom real estate platform with a concrete foundation that we will be able to build upon in the future. They did a great job in forming a team that would suit our needs and specialize in the areas that we needed them to. We were also pleased with the use of Basecamp to aid in communicating with the programming team. Mass Media Group proved to be devoted to the project since day one and successfully helped us get our project off the ground. Read more

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