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Site Estimate
60 days
Date Completed
10 Feb 2008
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About this project

Look Estates is well known Bulgarian real estate portal for news and market information.
They hired us as a web design and development company to complete their new look and help them showcase its brand over the Internet. They recognized they could benefit from a team that could plan, prioritize, and design functional features to drive real value. We end up with huge portal for real estate news and realtor directory.

Services provided

  • Design
    • Design, including the main website design and email templates
    • Branding - including logo design - to help establish its presence
  • Development
    • Real Estate Content Management System, to allow admins access to editing content, real estate listings, etc.
    • Google Maps Mash up to search in the site with the help of the Google Maps API
    • RSS Grabber, to allow the site to grab news from different RSS sources
  • SEO and Internet marketing

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