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Site Estimate
20 days
Date Completed
31 Aug 2008
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About this project

Creative blog design for the daily source of property investment news HammerHut. HammerHut provide investors with a front row seat at live sales events and property auctions from around the world.

When it comes to property investment websites, it is vitally important to understand your audience. As a growing property investment firm, Hammer Hut needed to a user friendly, informative website that would meet the needs of both new visitors and existing members. Our solution: a unique blend of content and functionality matched with a sharp new design.

The home page is organized in a way that provides recently updated content and information all in one place. New visitors can find service information, brief descriptions about property investment and more. Current members can stay up to date with the latest news feed and an events calendar. In addition, anyone can access recent publications or listen to the latest podcasts right from the home page.

In addition to reaching a split audience, the website also needed to be designed for ease of navigation. The information architecture was created to allow all visitors to quickly navigate to the information they need to find.

What we did

  • Unique blog design
  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • We have done this project as web outsourcing provider for one of our parners

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