Comnet Bulgaria Holding


color scheme

Site Estimate
35 days
Date Completed
26 May 2009
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About this project

ComNet Holding is the one biggest internet service provider in Bulgaria. We have created clean and professional look of their website, making their brand look really good. We built their extensive site in FireCMS and designed it using the brand's contemporary color scheme with simple navigation that helps users quickly and easily find the information they need.

What we did

  • Content Management System - FireCMS
  • Design, including user experience and user interface
  • Google Analytics to track and improve performance


Todor Belov: From the perspective of the business owners, Mass Media Group did an outstanding job creating our website. Mass Media Group helped align our company vision and goals with a website that is classy, professional, and persuasively expresses our company values. Mass Media Group was always quick and responsive to all of our requests, and created a top quality product. They were very easy to communicate with and always went the extra mile to ensure things were completed exactly the way we requested. Even after the website was completed, the wealth of information that they provided us on how to manage our site was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Mass Media Group to anyone looking to develop a webpage - their customer support, quick turnaround, and knowledge is second-to-none. Read more

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