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Site Estimate
20 days
Date Completed
16 July 2008
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About this project

Clean and stylish blog design for the online lifestyle magazine Natural Beauty.

Natural Beauty contacted our company with the desire to create an updated website to aid in marketing their brand. While they already had a website, they wanted to update the site to include more images, implemented SEO best practices, and clearly defined their products and services.

After our initial meeting, we created a home page wireframe that would meet the desires and needs of the client. A section was set aside for each review to give a brief description and link to more detailed information. Finally, they wanted to provide a quick and obvious way for visitors to share the articles. The sidebar area was designated to providing this quick access.

In addition to the design, the implementation of SEO best practices was an important aspect of the website development. Our goal was to focus marketing efforts to target potential clients looking beauty product reviews. Keywords and phrases were inserted in meta tags, content, headings, and more.
Overall, the website has been a success for the client. The design truly reflects the personality of the business.

What we did

  • Unique blog design
  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • We have done this project as web outsourcing provider for one of our parners

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