Web Designer open position

Web Designer

We're currently searching for a motivated, creative web designer with an eye for detail, the ability to meet deadlines, highly opinionated views on good design and usability, and the ability to work quickly (sometimes with little direction).

As a web designer, you will also be adept at turning raw ideas into visually pleasing designs for our clients. You will also be responsible for creating documents to convey information design (wireframes, mockups, etc..), with no qualms whatsoever about working in a team environment on a wide range of projects.  You know key communication is critical to a high-quality design and project experience and can take criticism for the sake of the end-result.   You are an early-adopter and are constantly thinking outside of the box and improving your art.

Must have's:

  • Superior XHTML/CSS/Photoshop skills
  • 3 - 5 years of web design experience
  • A basic, working knowledge of Javascript and/or AJAX
  • Strict adherence to W3C standards
  • Rapid-prototyping skills
  • The ability to work in a team environment, with little direction if necessary
Nice to have's:

  • Flash Experience (Flash Media Server a plus)
  • Exposure to, or a working knowledge of things like PHP, Python, Ruby, APIs, Perl, Ruby on Rails, etc...
  • The heart to accept constructive criticism
  • Familiarity with Basecamp and other 37signals products
  • A degree in graphic design or a design related subject area
  • It would be nice if you can work with the GIMP or other open source tools

Send CV to jobs@ooyes.net

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