E-Commerce Development

Like many areas of the internet, ecommerce has evolved to a more sophisticated and intuitive level and has made the whole online shopping experience secure and interactive.

When it comes to e-commerce, we've been around the block. We've developed numerous e-commerce websites for retailers and manufacturers based on a variety of platforms and varying needs. We build powerful, full-featured e-commerce websites that scale as well as turnkey shopping carts. Our solutions are based on commercial and open source platforms as well as our in-house solution. We believe in putting you in complete control of your website and therefore our solutions make it easier than ever to sell online by giving you the tools and features you need to manage, market, and grow your web presence. Our open source and in-house solutions become your property at launch, so you can invest in your web storefront and enjoy no recurring fees, a platform that is well-supported by many developers, and a solution that you own.

Whether it's a turnkey shopping cart installation based on a licensed or open-source platform, integration of POS with your e-commerce platform, merging e-commerce with social networking, or developing an enterprise-level online store that can support hundreds of simultaneous orders and tens of thousands of customers, we've got the experience and expertise to handle your unique needs and build effective, scalable e-commerce storefronts.

Consumers these days want more choice, easier to complete transactions as well as the possible best price available. Many online shoppers are now smarter and are no longer satisfied on only visiting a static retail site where they can't order. The rapid growth of Web 2.0 has created some very interesting locations to shop online, as well as websites that aggregate prices from shops to give you the best possible price.

Designing the customer's shopping experience

Shopping online can be a great experience. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home and you can quickly compare and read about all the competing products in order to pick the best one for you. But it can also be a little frustrating if the process isn't designed correctly.

We always spend a little bit of time fine tuning your checkout process and polishing off the user experience and you'll be rewarded with happier customers and more sales.

Developing your ecommerce site

Prior to developing your ecommerce website, Mass Media Group will undertake a needs analysis looking at areas such as merchant gateway requirements, simplified checkout process design, SSL requirements as well as third party integration such as PayPal or Moneybookers. No matter whether your site is B2B or B2C, we find that the more successful ecommerce sites are those that really show off their products with high quality photography, provide multiple photos when necessary, clear pricing, detailed text and precise and clear shipping costs. Even a video of your product is becoming a requested addition to ecommerce pages.

Apart from the front end of ecommerce sites, there are also significant back end requirements to be considered. Some merchants will simply require the ability to export and import transactions to their accounting software, others will require a more detailed and real-time integration with warehousing or inventory management software.

Security of credit cards numbers being used on the internet has always been an issue for both merchants and customers with ecommerce websites. So ensuring that you take the necessary steps with security to prevent fraudulent transactions is essential. One such method is applying a simple check on credit cards before parsing the details to the merchant gateway. It's these kind of strategies which help prevent fraudulent activity. Mass Media Group will guide you through these step by step processes.

Marketing your ecommerce website

Even before we're finished developing your ecommerce website, we'll provide features that will greatly assist in the marketing and visibility of the site such as XML/RSS product feeds, search engine optimization, affiliate relationships and most importantly the advertising material you'll need to launch the site. We'll also work to get your site indexed by many of the social shopping sites on the internet to bring qualified customers. No matter if you are a small business or enterprise, Mass Media Group can strategise, develop and provide marketing experience to make your ecommerce website a success

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