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magazine1Many of us have dreamed of writing for a magazine or even being a magazine editor. However, now with WordPress you can be the writer, editor and owner of your very own magazine. With a few steps you can have the magazine designed, laid out and have writers who are writing articles for your own online publication. Below I’m going to go through the steps of starting your own Magazine with WordPress.

The first thing you’ll have to do is find the right them. If you go to WordPress’ website, you can get some basic magazine themes. If you’re looking for something a little more flashy, just search for themes and find one to your liking.

With no posts or information, your newly created online magazine is going to be a little bare, looking something like this.


Once you have your theme installed, start adding pages and arranging the layout like you want it.


Although it may currently look a little skimpy, once you add some posts, it’ll start to fill out more.


One thing to note is to make sure you’re careful when adding pages and categories. With the theme above, Mimbo, I’m able to add categories, which serve as headers. When a person clicks on the header, they go to all the posts for that category. However, when creating pages, it doesn’t include blog posts. You can’t put blog posts into pages you create. However, not all magazine themes are as easy as the above. Some themes may require you to tweak the html or download plugins to get it to look like you want.

You’ll notice below that with just a couple posts, the WordPress blog is starting to come together and look like an online magazine.


So now that you’ve got your new magazine laid out like you want and have some content, it’s now time to really start growing it out. To do this, you’ll need some writers and editors. So how do get them to sign into the website without having all the same privileges as you?

To access the different user types, you’ll go to the “user” section of the dashboard.



Of course to add a new user, you’ll click on “add new user” and fill out the appropriate information for the user and select which privileges they can have, whether an administrator, subscriber, editor, author or contributor. You can then send them their user name and password to sign in at


If you want to more specifically control what capabilities a user has, you can install the Role Manager plugin, which lets you be more specific in choosing what each user can and can’t do.


And with that, your WordPress Magazine is up and running full-steam ahead. Have you created an online magazine using WordPress? Have you seen one done that looks really well-done?

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