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Wallpaper of the Week #58 - Lustix

The wallpaper of this week is from a motion design and illustrator Gabriel Pulecio, also known as Lustix. With a very impressive portfolio Gabriel has done some works for Adobe, Mercedez Benz, Fuse and others. For more information visit Lustix's website...
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Wallpaper Contest Final Update

After 3 long weeks our Abduzeedo + MediaMilitia contest is now over and closed for entries, and here is the final update of the entries, check it out. The fist update we had 99 entries, this time is more than 140. It took a lot of work to put it all...
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Wallpaper of the Week #57 - 80 s Inspiration

The wallpaper of this week is an image I did while I was learning how to create an 80's style effect in Photoshop and in Pixelmator. This image was done I selected was done entirely in Photoshop and it was inspired by the work of Empireisok. Desktop...
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Wallpaper of the Week #55 - Michael Jackson Tribute

Yesterday, the world lost one of the most iconic artists that ever lived. Michael Jackson delivered an unique style and a whole generation was thrilled by his story, music and dance moves. Last year we even celebrated his 50th birthday by featuring him...
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Wallpaper of the Week #46 - Giovanni Tabolacci

The wallpaper of this week is from Giovanni Tabolacci a great designer and illustrator from São Paulo Brazil. Brazil. Giovanni uses a Wacom tablet to create the basic sketch then Illustrator and Photoshop to add colors and textures producing...
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Super Cool Wallpapers by Pokedstudio

I was just browsing through the works of this awesome UK design studio called Pokedstudio when I came across their free wallpaper section and loved them so much I just had to share. They have a good range of styles from illustrated to 3D rendered to...
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20 Beautiful Cityscape Wallpapers

Everybody loves changing their desktop wallpapers from time to time! But finding the right image can be really tricky, since there are virtually billions of images to choose... here, I've selected 20 beautiful cityscape wallpapers to ease your search....
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Wallpaper of the Week #47 - Ee Venn Soh

This week we have another really cool wallpaper created by Ee Venn Soh, a digital artist and illustrator from Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Ee Venn Soh is very talented with a really impressive portfolio. You can check more of his work out at
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Wallpaper of the Week #48 - Hocus Pocus by Craig Shields

The wallpaper of this week is from a depthCORE artist and it's an incredible digital art featured in their new exhibition, the HER chapter. Hocus Pocus was created by Craig Shields, a young and very talented illustrator from the UK. For more information...
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10 Incredible Wallpapers from Desktopography

A good way to start up a new week is to give your desktop a new look, no better way to do that than choosing one of the 10 incredible wallpapers from desktopography. They have the best selection of wallpaper I have ever seen and I have been using them...
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Wallpaper of the Week #49 - Osmala

The wallpaper of this week is from a Waldemar Anton Osmala Júnior a Brazilian digital artist that has been playing with 3D for a couple of months, but it was enough to create this really cool image, parodying the Swine Flu subject. For more...
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Wallpaper of the Week #50 - Draco

The wallpaper of this week is the incredible design created by Draco to our new t-shirt called GODDESS OF ABDUCTION. It's the first tee for the Abdutees Limited Edition Series and coming from Draco we can't expected nothing less than awesome....
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Wallpaper of the Week #51

The wallpaper of this week is from Genaro Desia, an illustrator also known as Surround with a simply incredible style. The 80's color scheme mixed with vectors and stars give to his work a very modern but at the same time retro feel in it. The wallpaper...
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All Access to Project Chameleon

From the Dutch master of design Martijn van Dam comes a piece of art called "Chameleon" which is a poster for a event with such a rich design that the author decided to make a video of how it was made and the illustration for the posters also became...
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Wallpaper of the Week #52 - Brett Whatmough

The wallpaper of this week was created by Brett Whatmough, a young and very talented graphic designer from the UK. Brett has a nice porfolio with some cool commercial works and also a set of impressive personal pieces where he shows his skills mixing...
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Wallpaper of the Week #53 - Starchild

The wallpaper of this week is from Luke Davis, a 19 years old student from England also known as Starchild. Luke has been playing and working with Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Painter for the last 4 years. My name is Luke Davis, aka Starchild, I'm...
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Wallpaper of the Week #53 - Eric Sin

The wallpaper of this week is from Eric Sin, a 20 year old student at California State University, Fullerton, studying Graphics Design and Illustration as majors. He is currently in his second year going onto third, and he has been active working in...
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5 Beautiful Landscape Wallpapers by Julia Starr

Julia Starr aka Night-Fate is one of the good illustrators I watch at deviantart an as I was looking for a cool new background for my desktop I remembered she has some beautiful landscape wallpapers, so I decided to share with you guys, enjoy a new peaceful...
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Wallpaper Contest

It's contest time guys, and we are bringing great prizes for the winners. This contest is hosted by Abduzeedo and Media Militia. This can be your chance to be recognized for the great work you always did and a great way to promote your self, so...
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