What is Blog Design? Blog design is one of the most important elements of a blog, yet it is the most overlooked as well. This can be seen by just taking a casual look at the majority of blogs that are being published today. In a rush to to create quality content, a lot of bloggers have neglected their blog design. While the quality of your content will determine a large part of your success as a blogger, by making the mistake of neglecting your blog design you lose one of your most powerful weapons to your blog's success. In one sentence, the art and science of blog design is a careful balance of many different factors that include usability, aesthetics, typography, images, readability, contrast, and color.


What is the purpose of a blog design? There are no blog designs that doesn't have any effect on its blog, its message, and its goals. A blog design is either helping you move forward with your blog or it is not only hindering you from moving forward, but actually pushing you backwards. There exists no stand still between the two, because a blog's design acts as the frame that a reader uses to decide on what the message you are trying to say actually means.

Your message does not exist in a vacuum

If it did, then all you have to focus on is your content. But it doesn't, because messages exists within frames that have a large effect on the message that you send. A frame in psychology, is a point of reference that a person uses to determine what a message means to them.

This is great news if your blog design is up to par, but if it isn't then that is bad news for you as it is hard to change people's first impressions. Use this to your advantage and instead of being one of the bloggers with tunnel vision who only focus on content and marketing, you can utilize your blog design in your arsenal to achieve your plans. Whether you are still set on quitting your job, establishing yourself online, or selling something, blog design is not something you can neglect anymore if you plan to compete.

So what is the purpose of a blog design? The purpose of a blog design is to support your goals, communicate your message, and make your branding memorable. With our expertise in Wordpress, we can design and develop custom themes for you and your blog.


  • get more traffic
  • gain more subscribers
  • communicate your message better
  • sell something
  • and do all of it while looking good

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