8 Tips - how to record a video for an opt-in page

Video comments bring more interactivity with the ability to see the commenter, his expressions and surroundings. Weather you use them as a part of your blog or as a video for your opt-in page - a part of or all of  the following tips can be quite useful when recording the video:

1. Mind the Background

A clear wall or a nice view, are the preferable backgrounds. Any “at home” views leave bad impression and distract the attention, while the focus should be on you - the speaker!


2. Engage as if in conversation

People like to feel they are talked to equally and directly. Recording a video from above or below creates wrong associations.  Eye to eye contact is a very strong tool when you aim to build trust and look sincere .

So the camera should be in line with your eyeline and make full eye contact with your lens.


3. Keep the highway of your topic

Keep the  highway of the message, which is to get the audience watching to react the way you want them to (opt in, or share the link, or like it). Spending certain time to convince people in  the benefits of your product and then  just throwing an irrelevant comment you just unintentionally disconnect them.

Instead in the end its good to highlight how useful is what you promote and give concrete instructions of how to get it.


4. Give concrete rememberable instructions

Direct instructions on what to do next is not rude…. After convincing the audience about the benefits they will have from your product, the only thing they need next is what they should do  to get it.

To make them remember – mention at least 2 or 3 times the most important step for ex: to leave their e-mails or ctc info etc..


5. Benefits is what is of  interest for the public, not your product particularities

Benefits – is what your product or services bring as a use to the consumer…and that’s what you have to refer to when addressing the public. Tell them about how your product will contribute to their common wealth, address their particular needs, and emphasize why your product is the unique one to satisfy those needs (but don’t be long in that…



6. Grab attention and straight to the point

A short, catching and understandable msg this is what people like and convert to, because of lack of time and lack of concentration The video should be not more then  2 to 3 minutes .


7. Don’t spend time on explaining who you are

….they do not care about that ….the only think they care about is WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)…and they want you to show them shortly and clearly


8. Show the positive emotion  !!!

Enthusiastic that is the keyword for the video good ranking! If you believe in what you are telling people you will not have a problem of being naturally emotional and positive.  Believe in the product/service you are selling and talk about it as if you were telling a best friend that they absolutely MUST see/have/use it, as it will truly help them. If you don’t believe in it – don’t promote it!



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Good one! thank you

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