The three most common hosting service packages - compromises and solutions

Which are the three major kinds of hosting service packages that you know?

Whether you will start summarizing your up-to-date experience in choosing your hosting providers and the kinds of hosting accounts they were offering or you are just at the beginning of  your online presence – it is useful to get acquainted as a client with one of the general classifications of the back-up part of online businesses – called hosting providing.

So which are the most common packages of services offered by the hosting industry nowadays which you have or you are inevitably about to meet with? What to have in mind when you do? And which one to choose having in mind your business needs, your budget and the compromise pattern between them you have set for yourself?

There are three major kinds of offered hosting accounts according to the type of server usage. Those are Sharing Hosting, VPS- Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Sever. Lets take a more detailed look at each one of them individually and in comparison. 


What is a Shared Hosting account and what it usually promises?

 A shared hosting account means your website(s) will be sharing a single server with hundreds of other websites.

What is promised along with shared hosting? The hosting provider will offer storage space and bandwidth (in computer language bandwidth is a bit rate measure of available or consumed data communication resources, expressed in bits/second or multiples of it (kilobits/s, megabits/s)) which they hope you will not use as a beginner. To go for a shared hosting account you actually should be having small websites, generating little traffic, which will need just a small portion of the space and bandwidth offered with your shared hosting account. What you will be usually promised however are huge storage space or bandwidth, because the hosting provider expects you will never be able to exceed a significant percentage of the GB in storage space or bandwidth that is included in their offer.

What happens when you do exceed that agreed percent of the server CPU usage, which you are not allowed to cross? – the set contract relation in that case usually gives the right  to your hosting provider to seize your website.  Big inconvenience a? Though it rarely happens – there might be an occasion when your website traffic and data transfer suddenly jump up – and then – you and your online business get switched off…


Virtual Private Hosting – pros and cons

The previous description sounds a bit as a seizy and scary hosting offer, doesn’t it?

What can be your alternatives, provided you know you are still a beginner and your website might be having a small traffic volume, but you don’t want to experience the inconvenience of your website being stopped when you have just started growing and the hard mathematics of a hosting transfer too soon?

There are two other major hosting package options. Describing them in ascending gradation - one  will be the so called VPS (Virtual Private Server) - also known as VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server). What makes that option alternative to shared hosting is that with it - “virtually” you will have your own dedicated server.

 VPS is an alternative of shared hosting but it is a compromise of the dedicated hosting.

What is it actually? With that kind of hosting account you will still be sharing physically one server with other hosting clients, however you will have the environment of an own server. The pros are related to the fact that one server can be divided into several units. Your dedicated unit will run its own operative system and will have the independence of individual rebooting.

The cons come from the “physical” fact that you are still sharing one server - its CPU-usage, disk space and bandwidth with the rest of the VPS clients.


Dedicated Hosting is worthy

  • Your own server, dedicated to only and only your websites;
  • All the server storage space;
  • All the server bandwidth;
  • All the server CPU capacity stay for you.

From the three common hosting service packages – Dedicated Hosting is the one which really covers the tendency of the adjective “unlimited”. There is no sharing as one server virtually and physically is dedicated to you. The only thing you have to care about is the kind of server itself – its performance standards and size – which can easily be upgraded!




From all the above – a simple conclusion can be drawn: shared hosting and VPS are  financially provoked but quite limited compromises as hosting solutions compared to dedicated server. But what if there comes the area of the affordable dedicated server hosting accounts?

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