Social Media vs SEO

1. Each post will find its thump ups

Any link you post on Facebook is getting some good link love. This is also true for every profile you create – they might be not all so massive but they will give some link love to whatever links you share on them.

2. Social Networks get Googled

Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc show up in search engines. Higher ranked, shared, and retweeted posts and articles can result in more traffic from search engines. Also youtube videos show up in search results and can help to increase the overall rank of your website.


3. Social is the code to evolution nowadays and therefore it’s a fever

Social media can  spread like wildfire. You put out one good piece  – and it gets shared 50-100 times by friends, and contacts. Their friends also share it and eventually you get upwards of 300-500 shares. That’s 300-500 individual links on social sharing sites like digg, reddit, stumbleupon, twitter, facebook, and more.

The alternate is writing 300-500 articles and submitting them to article directories, getting 1 backlink per article. Which is better? Write 1 article and get 300 backlinks, or write 300 articles for 300 backlinks?


4. Social Media has instant effect

Social media marketing happens immediately - new content is pushed and shared. SEO can take a lot longer to work – mostly because anything faster would send alarms up at google and other search engines.


5.Greater chances to trust in immediately

Today – there are  SEO experts outsourcing article writing. The quality of posts suffers, and the content just isn’t as GOOD as it used to be. As much content as is produced now-a-days users have to review a lot to find what he is really looking for.

Enter: Social Media. You post: saying “Need a good recipe for Apple Turnovers”, immediately your friends post back links to some of their favorite recipes. These are people you generally trust and chat with frequently – both online and offline.

Having the trust already built makes these warm contacts much more likely to like what you share, and vice versa. By sharing great articles with your social network you  become an authority, and then your friends will recommend you. This also applies to increasing brand awareness and credibility.

6. Search Engines are going social

Even the search engines are orientating to social media. Google recently launched Google Buzz which integrates with gmail and other google properties. Google has a starring mechanism added to search results which are for personal starring of results – but could positively or negatively effect search results one day.

Both Bing and Google have real-time search results from twitter, youtube, and more. It’s very possible with all the social media applications’s that are built – that the next generation of google’s algorithm will evolve to measuring the social impact of a link and using more of a social way of choosing which links are more authoritative on a subject.

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