Nine tips about how to make your blog alive

Following are some directions to work in so that your blog starts pulling attention.


Prepare your batch of articles in advance: Dead blogs really make very bad impression – it creates an idea of a part of your marketing not taken care of, which forms an association for a not develоped business in nowadays up-to-date competitive environment.

In that sense you might face trouble regularly updating if you do not have a dedicated copywriter.

The solution: get prepared in advance with a batch of articles. A good rule is to get them all done at the beginning of the next posting unit.  For example: if you have decided to update daily, you can have seven articles ready by the end of the previous business week. If you update monthly, you can get all your articles done by the beginning of the last quarter of the previous month.




Split it up: If your article gets too long, you can post it as a series. That not only helps updates on time, but it also generates ongoing traffic of  readers who are interested in the topic. You can get three weeks of content (if posting weekly) out of one idea.


Check what is going on outside your blog: A common trap in business blogging is not to update the company’s site content. This is very important when a company diversifies its businesses; “It’s Tuesday, so it’s time to remind everyone that we do Facebook Fan page branding” So at that moment you have to demonstrate that your company is aware and adaptable. Do it by researching news articles, other blogs and Wikipedia for relevant information. Summarize it all in the theme of the post and you can even make the extra step and point some outgoing links where it’s due.


Mind your Grammar and Spelling- it’s still worthy: Edit for grammar! It’s still a good idea to do that  for style. More over it is not only about good and bad grammar, but good and better grammar (it gives impression for attention to details and quality – both time and efforts consuming and therefore professional skills) However, grammar is quite subjective in advertisement and online worlds, so it is grabbing to be unique and set a unique style even when it might break a rule.


Invite guest authors and be one of them: Invite guest bloggers to your blog – and get invited to other people’s blogs. The  organic links you’ll get out of it are worthy. Guest blogging shows a high trust relationship.



Do not Stuff with irrelevant keywords: It is quite obvious to the search engines nowadays. Unless you’re assigning tags, use keywords as part of the article’s natural content. The position of a keywords should look logical  If “flowers decoration ” is a good keyword phrase for you, write an article about that. Do not drop it in an article which aims a completely different keyword unless you feel skillful enough to connect both in a good bit of writing


Take time to study the Competitor’s keywords : Your company blog is a competition tool. Use it as such to state a claim on the competition’s keywords. You do not have to “insist on” and pay more time and efforts to them then to your own target keywords – but it does not pain to split competitive searches with your blog tool


Corporative terms are parasites: This is valid in customer services – its valid here too – as long as your target auditoria are the Internet middle-statistic users. Corporate language is respectful in decision making as it  conveys thoroughness and gravity. Blogs are to be  less formal – they are not “board meetings.” Readers want to feel at ease and at the same time benefit from the educative content


Do not delete permanently: To get read in blogging, you have to be short and clear – so that to be interesting. If it is hard to keep an interesting (and detailed enough) piece down to the target of 250 to 500 words – do not permanently delete anything from the senseful content. You can either create links on your post connecting to a different post with more detailed info or post the article as a series.


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