Link building - the most common mistakes


1. Use a set of anchor texts instead of using Same single one
What happens when  you start using single anchor text in each link building technique:
Search engines algorithms are much sensitive nowadays. They will capture the unnatural manipulation for improving search engine ranking. So use a set of anchor texts instead of using single anchor text.


2. Rapid Increase in Backlinks looks unnatural too - do not try it any more
Your links might increase very fast but it wont look natural again to have 1000 links at start of January and 10000 links at the end of January? 
Link building is a step by step, constant process and should be  at natural pace.



3. Major inlinks coming from a Single Site decreases your page rank
Your link should be spread among different WebPages. 






4. Over dozing in  Link Exchange gets captured too
When two publishers exchange  links to have good ranking - we call it link exchange. Do not do that excessively as it will not look natural again. 

5. Building Links from Low Rank Sites is a waste of time
A link from a quality site is better than 100 links from low rank sites. You can get quality links by using methods like interesting and topic related comments, writing guest posts etc. 

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