Jump over that must-pass level to become a successful blogger

The basic skills blogging requires

-      You have to be a hard worker

Thinks like SEO, gaining traffic, guest-blogging require time and efforts. You have to be emotionally prepared – that blogging is not a part of your business- it is a small business you run in the context and for the support of your main one.

-      It is a time consuming job – so you have to plan it in time

Writing interesting, involving posts, getting the right keywords for them and finally continuing managing your successful blog – it all permanently requires plenty of time. Therefore trying to plan and manage your time from the beginning will turn you from a DESPERADO to a successful blogger and marketer.


-      You have to be consistent for the sake of your blog survival

Consistency is not everybody’s natural feature. Some of us need to develop that skill. Blogging does require consistency – however do not mix it with boredom. It is just the consistency you have to have to choose new great ways of involving the audience

-      Planning is the beginning of any business – so it is here

As a process – planning is the one and the most important any business starts with. Planning also requires time – some times a lot of time to insure you will be moving in the proper direction. What does planning mean  in blogging? -  it is taking the time out to plan your approach for the best and innovative methods to gain traffic, to gain SEO value for your  site or blog, to gain more followers on your social networks. 



Those were the news when it comes to the "difficult" part of being a successful blogger. And here are some strategies to make it easier for you as a disciplined blogger, which will help you generate considerable traffic towards your blog:

 Social medias will bring a viral element to your blog traffic  

The results may come fast or not that fast, however sites like Facebook and Twitter are in the beginning of the map of the road you will have to walk . The reason you must have that in mind is that you should not miss that viral element social networks can bring to your blog. There - people engaged in conversation  sharing each other’s messages search and find a solution of any of their problems . If your blog targets exactly topics from your niche  relevant to people possible issues that might send a continuous stream of highly targeted traffic to your blog.




Build it with a concept 

 - Answer the questions – what do you aim by your blog and what is its real purpose? This is how you will discover your target auditoria.

- After that you will have to search  and locate where“your people” hang out in the Net!  Having in mind people do like to communicate and this is what is going to be your main means of approach – those will be definitely places like  forums, various communities, groups, news boards, Fan pages etc.

- Get involved .  Let them know you and why you are there.

- The rest of the work left  is  to think about and  provide solutions  to their declared problems on your blog and then point them where the solution is.

Engage your audience 

Think about involving ways to let your audience really be interested in your blog posts. Set up a discussion on topics which are intriguing. You can setup a small quiz – right there on your blog. This strategy if cleverly used can bring a tremendous search engine traffic, by the single reason that a quiz in that case will be looked at as  a kind of a game or challenging self test  more over with educating purpose. Once your  visitors become a part of the action on your blog and feel as if they own it  they will get half of your work done.

Share your assets to get blog lovers

Might sound strange – but think about it. An asset for you is an asset for the others from your niche. Try to leverage all your assets. Sometimes something which sounds small and insignificant to you might seem quite interesting to the others  


Marketwise solutions are not attractive  but  push aways

You can pass the boundaries and give complete solutions free, without tricking people to visit your blog. Next time they will have a problem they will remember about you and stop over at your blog to search for more problem solving, as they will know you were sincere last time and gave up methods straight on spot.

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2017-06-27 05:17:54

Understand that you are not the only one who is looking for coverage, and certainly not the only one who will pitch them over the course of the next 60 minutes, so you need to make this not about you.


2015-07-12 07:10:34

The diagram is pretty well made, but it still misses some more clear parts.

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