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        HTML5 was mentioned for the first time and work started on it in 2004… We won’t pass here across the analyzes of what provoked  its appearance. We will  go through the current situation of a few of its great new features released and their implementation. 

…Now in about six years the releasing of the final draft still seems to be so far way. Some editors say that might happen earliest in 2022. Should that statement, however, discourage users and let them not follow its development not trying to know what has been released till now with the concept it might be really hard to use?  Our answer is – no! Why? By the facts that HTML5 is planned to be a really major improvement over up-to-date markups, so seeing its final draft released a little far in the future should be looked at as a reasonable prediction. The other reason to start being interested from now is that reality is already showing that  features exposed  till now are being made popular straight away. And not only that – all those increments are spontaneously and quickly adapted as they prove to really worth.  Facts show that after the first draft was released in 2008, the major browsers (including the so skeptic IE8) implemented immediately some of the features exposed in same draft and as soon as that was done HTML5 enjoyed huge interest among developers as it instantly proved to be progressive and beneficial. In this article we will try to describe five of the newly released advantage features of HTML5 and their implementations.


1.     What Web Workers is and what it does

That is one of the implementations of HTML5 in which using threads to separate background ensures optimal performance of a web page irrespectively of how havy scripts are used to perform functions.  Web Workers is created for web browsers and its adapting by browsers will guarantee consistent unaffected website and applications performance.  It is also known as a Hyper-Threading for web browsers. So did browsers react on it? Yes – till now Firefox 3.5b is seen to have the best implementation of Web Workers. Opera and Safari are pointed to support some of the elements of this feature. You can check alone the in-video motion with Web Workers on Firefox 3.5 or calculate prime numbers with Web Workers, with Safari 4 and FF 3.5


2.     Video Element as the favorite  HTML 5 features yet

With the help of Video Element  a video can be embedded with no necessity of a third party proprietary plug-ins or codec. Embedding a video by that tool becomes as easy as embedding an image more over with the option to manipulate the video and the built in video controls. And that is just a part of the facilities it provides.  

You can Try it out  (please mind – it works only on FF 3.5).


3.     Best implementations of Canvas element

Canvas is an element that allows managing graphics and images with easiness. Two bright examples where you can get to know its functionality are:

Bespin – the Mozilla “laboratories” project announced as a web-standards-based website from the future. It is an online Web Code Editor which along with other new things uses Canvas as well. The website requires registration

 This drawing board which works with FF 3.5, Chrome and Opera is a simpler example of Canvas. And again – you do not have to rely on plug-ins, it gives you endless options


4.     Application caches -  enabled to work off-line

If you are already using Google gears, so that to access your Gmail account when not connected to the Net, then you are already using this feature. Application cashes lets you store web applications locally – like e-mail, and access them even if not connected to the Net; or install an external Client like Thunderbird or Outlook.    

Another way to try the facilities of this feature are Sticky Notes. Try it online here .This app saves any notes you create in a database on your local drive. Works on Safari 4 and Chrome, FF 3.5 has some difficulties on this demo


5.     Geolocation – the impressive online GPS 

Geolocation is an API generating and showing information about searched locations. It has really impressive interface of the GPS. The GPS is connected to the devices hosting the API. The coverage of sources of the location info includes Global Positioning System (GPS) and network signals such as IP address, RFID, WiFi and Bluetooth MAC addresses, and GSM/CDMA cell IDs. It is an amazing feature however for the time being with restricted use - by the simple fact that it can  only be used if the user gives the application a permission to use the information. Try it online here. (FF 3.5b)


So by showing you some of the up-to-date released best features represented by HTML5 and that they are already into use, we hope that there is no doubt left this Tool is already in a demand use and it is worth following what is on to keep being alternative, facilitated and competitive long before 2022!

Yes - HTML 5 is already with the status of a major improvement over up-to-date markups. And that improvement is planned to stay for a long time. That is why the sequence design – implementation- adoption and co-ordination with the major Net players is a refined and time consuming way to walk.

And yes - the  features you were just represented with are not final and they might not even be the same when the final draft of HTML5 is released.

However, it is a fact that the popular browsers are in a hurry and are supporting most of the features optioned in the first draft.  Among those browsers Opera and FF do make a difference with their proactive and cover-all implementations of those new features.  Google Chrome is another example for a new but quite HTML5 eager to implement browser maybe relying on a fast growth due to that. Even a not that keen supporter as IE8 was in the past, now is showing an active attitude.  

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