How to write search-engine-drawing blog posts

Do you mind search engines when writing your blog posts or you just rely on peoples’ attention preferring to lay on the new maxima that Social Medias really win the nowadays battle with SEO. I prefer not calling that a battle, but a very useful partnership, where the relations are so deep that the keeping of the principles of one of those popular channels for traffic-generating have inevitable effect on the results of the other. Here is one more prove for that – the content-flexible part of your website – your blog, where Social Media and SEO meet. And here are the tips to build it social and search-engine friendly:

Do you write SEO optimized blog posts? Can we help:

1. Mind your keywords when figuring a post title

Titles do matter for a post to be picked up and devoted time to be read. People in general go for a blog post when they see a cool title and click through to read what you have to say. Some say that a blog post’s title can make or break the blog. You can make your post titles multifunctional by creating them in a not only drawing users’ attention but also drawing search engines way. How?

 Keywords are what get you found online! So as a blogger you should know exactly what your keywords are. If you are still thinking  – try to figure them out. Here is an advise about picking them up: the more specific your keywords are the better chance you have with SEO nowadays – the competition is too high.

Create clear, short, snappy and containing your keywords titles for your blog posts!


 2. Create frog-tongue catchy titles

 Have you seen a frog sneaking for an insect. It does not have to worry to sneak even. It is just there – staying, its tongue is so long and sticky that the insects should only pass at a radius they consider safe to turn in to victims. That sticky and grabby your titles should sound. Captivating titles which will radiate the reader and let him dive into your post content as into the sea of knowledge. An addictive sea, promising a variety of sea world to the divers. Can you make your title that promising? 

 3. Short titles show up whole in the search engine results page.

Recommended and reasonable length of a blog post title is up to 40 characters.
It is a part of the “catchy” concept to keep your title short. A Long title can only bore before the reader have even started reading your post. The longer the title is the bigger chance there is not be understood. If you put yourself in reader’s shoes would you devote some of  your precious time, searching for a good content on a topic, to a post you do not even understand what it is about.


 4. Your titles should show reference to specific needs

It is the need that makes users search in the Net as the easiest available source of info. The need of specific information, the need of solving a problem. If your titles are demonstrative enough to show the solution of a concrete problem – then it will be you who is getting the traffic of users in need.


5. Your post should be self asking and self answering

If you really mean to be read to the end and create users’ addiction to your blog posts then your post contents should be really treating users’ needs and issues. Treating meaning:

 – first - to expose the need the way you think users meet it. To be more understood you can provoke users association with a concrete story. 

- second - to analyze in details the need by showing the main issues it is connected to;

- third – to give a solution. The solution should be common and in the same time detailed. It can let users ask themselves even questions which they have not guessed about and get immediate answers. If you want to be really treating and give complete solutions you can create links to other posts of yours discussing a part of the topic in more details.


6. Organize your post by subtitles

….and bold the subtitles. This is what creates an image of a well built and organized content – easy to read, understand and memorize. Besides – that type of content exposing gives an opportunity of vertical reading. In this sense it is good to think over the subtitles’ structure, length and capturing abilities.


7. Be an interesting narrator – not a text-book 

 It is good to have your own style which is informal and engaging. Tell people  stories about things you have experienced and can help them about.


8. Link  your keywords

 The best is to link your own keywords to your other posts on related topics.


9.  Write short posts 

 Blogs are about half journalism half chatting. They get successful when users visit your blog not only to read

but to share opinion. People visiting your blog and feeling as if at home there – makes the blog exist and alive. So in that sense write posts which are not more then 300 words and if you want to really share detailed knowledge on a topic – you can then either split the topic into several serial posts or link the post content – thus provoking following the topic readers to come back again for more or to zoom in your blog.


10. Summarize in keywords

 It is good to have a summary to not let the readers miss your main points. When summarizing shortly in two or three sentences – use the key words your post is about.


11. If you  are targeting any users’ action by a post do spit it out

 Users are more likely to do what you tell them to do rather then  guessing. It is easier. So if you have any call to action motive to write a post – share it with your readers. If they liked your solutions – they will go for it.


12.  Tags relevant to keywords

 The tagging of a post should coincide with the keywords your post is about.


13. Promote your new posts outside your blog

 Check where to Submit your RSS feed. This will help your new posts add to the ranking value of your blog.


That was one more article about blogging. It is about writing SEO optimized block posts. Hope it is good enough to be useful as much as an every-day guide to write your search engine drawing posts.  

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