Go for a Facebook application as a publisher - it's a users lava for business





A lot of brands nowadays are orientating towards publishing of Facebook applications. A Facebook application is commonly a game Facebook users play online to challenge their friends with scores, draw enjoying  "kismets" etc.

Because those games are entertaining, because they are right there - on Facebook - the most global social network in the world and because they are another not formal  way of communication between  people - they seem to attract a lot of users' attention and therefore nowadays  are turning into a mighty convenient way of online Social Network Advertisement generating huge traffics towards their publishers Facebook fan pages and websites.

Here are some of the features of Applications on Facebook and the benefits they can bring to their publishers online business:
A Facebook application can attract at least 5 000 Facebook fans for a two-month period. The popularity of Facebook applications grows on the principle of arithmetic progression. The more people play, the huger the advertisement you generate is. Facebook applications can attract players for a  long period of time (months)

• All Facebook users can use the application

• The application users can share links to it on their walls, and are able to invite any of their friends to use it;

• The application gives a chance to access the wall and the friends list of any of its users, who allowed that;

• The application has its own Facebook fan page, which gathers its own fans

• The application fan page, as well as the application itself can be delicately branded with your company logo;

• The application has its own advertisement area where your company advertisement banner is displayed;

• The application fan page as well as the application itself can be installed with subscribe forms. Thus users will submit their e-mails.

• The application can be marketed by PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns in Facebook or in other existing friends networks, pages or groups; also – by a link “Go to Application” on the application fan page

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