Get to know the freshest, stunning, free newly released Fonts – sources, features and usability – Part 2

hether you are a web designer, a blogger, a print media publisher or a regular Word user – you should know the importance of using the proper Font. Apart from being a set up standard for document formatting, the Fonts when  wisely used can be  replacing  images,  inspiring  moods , summarizing contents’ style and really helpful for setting readers’ expectations about any text content at all. Knowing their importance you sometimes lose plenty of time in searching for the proper and the most expressive one.

With the following rubric we hope we will be able to save you some of that time. We proceed now from where we stopped at Part 1 to reveal through a chain of articles the freshest, stunning, high-quality, free newly-released Fonts. Each of the rubric articles is summarizing the features of the Fonts exposed in it and their usability along with image-teasers. Hope you enjoy it and that this edition of ours can turn with time into your reference guide when giving life to your texts.

Please note that some of the Fonts are for personal use only and are clearly marked as such. We also recommend you to review the license agreements before using the Fonts.


League Script #1
This ain’t no Lucinda. League Script #1 is a modern, coquettish script font that sits somewhere between your high girlfriend love notes and handwritten letters from the ’20s. Designed exclusively for the League of Moveable Type, it includes ligatures and will serve as the framework for future script designs. Designed by Haley Fiege and available in OpenType format


Four Free Type

Designed by Alexey Frolov.  This free, uniques and playful Font reminds of the well known Russian animation: “Nu Pogodi!”. OpenType fonts available in two  weights - regular and italic. Supported languages are English and Russian only..


Musa Ornata
Designed by Carvente Dice this typeface, with its lively, joyful characters, can  be suitable for event announcements, grocery stores and public signage. In order to activate the alternative case, check the “Character Palette” in the OpenType options toolbar in your application.


Skyhook Mono: regular
As the promo page says: “No added sugar. No concentrates!” Sky­hook­Mono is a care­fully hand­crafted mono­spaced type­face fam­ily, which is contemporary, steady and in the same time – minimalist, yet quite refined and classy. We should not ignore the  fact that Sky­hook Mono is very read­able even in smaller sizes. It is designed and opti­mized to be printed so you shouldn’t be sur­prised when the results are even bet­ter than the screen appearance!

Sky­hook Mono is avail­able in 15 dif­fer­ent cuts ensur­ing it can be set con­trast­ingly. Each cut comes with more than 600 glyphs mean­ing you are cov­er­ing an incred­i­ble amount of lan­guages. This includes exotic ones like Cre­ole or Gali­cian. Sky­hook­Mono is even avail­able in the Greek alpha­bet too.

The regular weight is available as a free download.


Phoenica Std (personal use only, registration is required

Phoenica offers a high quality alternative to contemporary humanist sans serifs. It is a flexible family for editorials and corporate branding.

Phoenica comes in a big variety of weights (Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black and UltraBlack) -  available in both Roman and Italic. The regular width is available as a free download and for personal projects



Indento: bold (registration required)
Designed by Mugur Mihai, Indento is a multi-purpose contemporary geometric slab serif which classifies for headlines, posters and branding, but good enough to be used for longer text. The straight lines and rounded corners, combined with the deep cuts and asymmetric serifs, give it a distinctive look while still keeping its legibility. The bold weight is available as a free download in OpenType for.



Free Font Adec
This typeface was inspired by Art Deco and Constructivism. It would fit posters, magazines and logos. The distinguishing feature of this font is the combination of decorative elements, such as textures and frames. Designed by Serge Shi.



Jean-Luc (Godard) (via I Love Typography)
Atelier Carvalho Bernau Design released Jean-Luc. The  typeface is inspired by the style of lettering is really interesting as it looks like a renaissance of the ‘pretty’ classical title screens that were common in that time’s more conservative films. It has a more vernacular and brutishly low-brow character; this lettering inspiring the street mood.



Arvo Font Family
The slab serif typeface was made to be published in the Google Font directory as free open font (OFL). It is optimized for Web use. Designed by Anton Koovit the typeface is “monolinear-ish” but has a touch of contrast. For Windows users, the smaller 9, 12, 14 and 16 point sizes are hinted in Truetype format. Latest fontfiles available for free download at Github.



This heavy sans font with 178 characters can be used for posters, postcards and similar designs. Released under a Creative Commons license



Spatha Sans
A sans-serif font with natural and cheerful shapes that sets a friendly tone and is easy to read. The font could be used for titles and short text. Designed by Carvente Dice.


Spatha Serif
Designed also by Carvente Dice - as  counterpoints to the above - Spatha Sans, the glyphs in Spatha Serif have classic proportions and short serifs, however – it still keeps the cheerful and natural design. The font can also be embedded using @font-face, but a credit link is required..



My Fair Cody
A “fairy” , interesting typeface that makes an impression with its friendly and inviting style. The tone is  informal, and as such might not be suitable for a corporate text. Designed by Darim Kim, and available in OpenType format. Can be used in  private and commercial projects; but if you embed it using @font-face, then a credit link is required.



Matchbook is a simple and functional set of two typefaces. It has a   serif and a sans-serif version. Each of the sets  includes all accented characters and is really functional in larger sizes.



Mota Pixel
Mota Pixel is a simple pixel font with simple roots. The regular weight has been created as a custom design for TypeShow and is now available for free to the public. Optimized for use in 20-pixel increments, it is a larger than normal pixel design. Still, the regular is rather thin and delicate, expressing some tendencies of an upright italic. The bold is chunky, rough, and speaks loudly for emphasis

To be continued: expect much more from the freshest, stunning, high-quality newly released Fonts

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