Get to know the freshest, stunning, free newly-released Fonts – sources, features and usability – Part 1


hether you are a web designer, a print media publisher, a blogger or a regular Word user – you should know the importance of using the proper Font. Apart from being a set up standard for documents formatting, the Fonts when  wisely used can be  replacing  images,  inspiring  moods , summarising contents’ style and really helpful for setting readers’ expectations about any text content at all. Knowing Fonts' importance you sometimes lose plenty of time in searching for the proper and the most expressive one.

With the following rubric we hope we will be able to save you some of that time. The rubric will be a chain of articles about the freshest, stunning, high-quality, free newly-released Fonts. Each of the articles will summarize the features of the Fonts exposed in it and their usability along with exposing images. We hope you will not only enjoy but also use that rubric as a reference guide when giving life to your texts.

Please note that some of the Fonts are for personal use only and are clearly marked as such. We also recommend you to review the license agreements before using the Fonts.


Pompadour Numeral Set 
A inspiring numeral font released by Andy Mangold under a Creative Commons license. The font can be used for packaging design or logo deign. The .EPS file is available for free download. The font is free to use.



Lato (open-source sans serif)
Lato is a san-serif typeface family. The rounded details of the letters gives a warm feel, while the solid structure associates with stability and seriousness. Lato consists of five weights (plus respective italics). The first release is only the Western character set. Designed by Lukasz Dziedzic.



Crimson Text 

“Crimson Text is a font family for book production wearing the spirit of old-style typefaces. It presents Garamond-inspired types with all the little necessary details such as old-style figures, small caps, fleurons, math characters etc. Crimson Text is inspired by the  work  Jan Tschichold, Robert Slimbach and Jonathan Hoefler.



Espinosa Nova: Regular (registration is required)

Designed by Cristóbal Henestrosa, Espinosa Nova is a a Reneissance of the types used by Antonio de Espinosa, the most important Mexican printer of the 16th century. All of the fonts intended for setting text include small caps, five sets of figures (old-style and lining, both proportional and tabular, plus tabular small caps), many “f” and long “s” ligatures and a capital sharp “S” (U+1E9E)..



Color Lines

It is a decorative font which can be used for a spectrum of products, such as posters, packaging and label design. It is unique and has own style. Designed by Anton Gridz, and available in AI format.





Baurete (free download)

A joyful, intriguing typeface that could work for designs without  alignment or symmetrically positioned elements. Baurete is free to use for personal and commercial projects. You can download it for free.



Neuton Font

Neuton is a neat Times-Roman–like typeface by Brian Zick. It is a transitional type with Dutch inspiration. The x-height is high and the color dark, and it is economical in ascenders, descenders and width. Available in the Google Font Directory.




Melbourne (personal use only)
Melbourne is a sans-serif with an up-to-date look. The designer’s intention has been  to create a normal space-saving typeface. The rounded corner glyphs and relatively large tracking makes it suitable for dictionaries, indexes, catalogues etc. When used at a large size, Melbourne can be used as a display or headline font. The Font is released as a draft, with a request for suggestions for improvements. Designed by Marco Müller.



A free display font based on geometric forms and mathematical symbols. It is suitable for technical designs claiming a different and challenging appearance. Designed by Wete. Available in OpenType format.















Classic Round: medium and italic (registration required)

This typeface is designed for text and display use. In small text sizes, it looks neat and just created to be read. When  in big display sizes, it looks playful and charming. Designed by Ben Blom.



Free Font FR Hopper: regular and italic (registration required)

FR Hopper is  based on geometric shapes, however having a friendly personality. It is intended for mid-length texts, captions, titles we can say any  occasional use: posters, flyers and even websites. The typeface has 7 weights, 12 styles with 836 glyphs, and many advanced OT features such as small caps, discretionary ligatures, alternate characters, fractions, arrows and ornaments.




Darth Vador Free Font
An original sharp-shaped font for the Darth Vador theme, designed by Juart Little from France.

To be continued: expect much more newly-released, high quality Fonts.

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