Get to know the benefits of following Web standards



   We had a word in our previous rubric: “Flash vs SEO – solutions and alternatives” about web standards-based website as an alternative of Flash sites as well as we exposed some really good examples for websites that shine or predict the future.

Proceeding from there in this article we will try to systematize and explain in details the advantages and benefits of following Web standards.

Being accessible is the main reason if you aim popularity for your online business

Nowadays - when almost all of the business is translated online it is important to insure that your business website can be accessed from everywhere – that means all major browsers, operating systems, and different devices like PDA, mobile device etc.. Today the combinations of browsers are 100 plus – which really confirms the need of following a global standard that will guarantee global accessibility for your website.



Lets try to explain in details the idea that following web standards gives you the certain and the unbeatable advantages to achieve global accessibility

The definition of Web standards:  “Web standards” is actually a globally firmed term for the official standard and other technical specifications, it is a standard agreement on the way a code is constructed and served established by the W3C and other standard bodies.


What or who W3C are: In abbreviation it means - The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It is an international industry consortium dedicated to “leading the Web to its full potential”. That organization is leaded by Tim Berners-Lee, who is the inventor of the Web.

After clearing the exact meaning of the upper two, now we can proceed with the planned analyses


What the benefits of following the web standards are

1.  Keeping consistent the look of a website

The styles used in a website are differentiated and separated in a central CSS file. We say separated- ...from what you can ask? From the content! How does that matter – you can ask? By the way the website looks in time even after changing or editing content. The separation of style from content ensures the opportunity to keep consistent the initial look of a website, more then that - it gives a specific stable expression to the website visual image.


2. Getting SE ranking easier

Websites which are driven by CSS have a code which content can be easily changed and improved. It can be easily cleared from junk code which improves its structure and makes it easier readable. That process is called “optimizing content rich code”. It is quite important when it comes to Search Engines because they can without efforts read and index the website pages.


3.  Saving extra work with maintenance

 As we already mentioned a web-standards based website would have all the styles gathered in one single CSS file. This really saves a lot of extra work when it comes to maintenance. You won’t have to make the same changes on each of the website pages. Besides this does matter when trying to get the sense of the code structure even if created by somebody else.


4.  Guarantees compatibility with major browsers

Writing a clean code which is up to the W3C standards would guarantee you consistent results with all browser platforms. As major browsers we can point – IE6, IE7, Safari, Firefox, Opera.


5.  Guarantees compatibility with various devices

HTML, in which structure is differentiated from presentation, guarantees good interpretation of content on different devices as cell phones, PDA, screen reader.

6. Bandwidth is minimized

Internet is a faster parallel world of ours. Time  is running there and we should have it in mind. A code which is cleared and well structured with presentation elements gathered in one single file would reduce the size of the file and will affect the bandwidth by minimizing the download time. 


The Mobile Web Initiative is one of the twenty-three W3C Activities

What you should make sure of so that to really benefit

  • Use a code compliant to Web standard
  • Make sure the code is properly structured and semantical


That will guarantee you:

  • easy to manage and edit  well formatted website;
  • accessibility from all browsers, operating systems and the various devices;
  • minimizing your website bandwidth;
  • it will ease your web standards-based website page ranking
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