The KNOW-HOW of using your Internet presence capacity as a marketing tool test!



It is worth asking ourselves the following questions now – so that we don’t miss the feverish and mighty wave in nowadays business, called Internet:

Are you using the capacity of your Internet presence as a marketing tool?


1. Do you think your online presence could bring you more business, by direct “irradiation” of your target audiences?

2. Do you know in details the marketing capacity of Internet, as an alternative, cheap and available source of advertisement, especially for the markets abroad, in comparison with the outdoor and the rest of the medias?

3. Do you know where from all over the world Internet users are interested in your products or services and which key words they use searching?

4. Are you taking care of your website to be positioned in a corresponding to the market demands statistics manner or is your information easy to avail in The Net for your target clients?

5. Is the content of your website built on the researches, mentioned above?

6. Are you following the traffic of your website visitors and have you taken care of pulling their contact info?

7. Are you using the same contact data to build permanent and long term relationships with your prospects and clients by spreading newsletters, and info about offers, promotions and any related to your company?

8. Are you taking care of your company Social Networking (for ex:  in Facebook, Twitter etc.) – so that to multiply your audience, explore and improve consumer opinion about the standard and image of your products, services and brand?

9. Do you follow what part of your website visitors  turn into real clients?

10. Is your website based on a specific marketing strategy?

11. Are you using paid online advertisement and if “YES” – are you satisfied with it?

It is late now to think over those questions …however it’s now time to think over your answers 

Do share – where your answer was “NO” – WE CAN DISCUSS TOGETHER “WHY” –  at

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