Flash vs SEO – SOLUTIONS AND ALTERNATIVES - The most stunning standars-based Websites - Part 4

     And here comes the expected Part 4 – where we are going to represent you with the most stunning examples of standards-based websites as an alternative of Flash Web sites, showcase them and advice you about sources for your future self-update with the newest tendencies web-standards-based website building.

Rich interaction, impressive experience – this is what you are about to be represented with by getting to know the following websites. For more of the current tendencies you can visit the showcase websites NotCoffee and jQuery Style and visit plenty of great web sites favoring Web standards.



Pigeon and Pigeonette
This website has a single page that transitions during navigation. Other than being informational, it offers a couple of Flash games.



Good Works Media
An agency website with an accordion home page and lightbox for the portfolio.



Made by Elephant
A minimalist portfolio website with a horizontal accordion



Euna (English translation)
A single-page website with very “elastic” transitions



Artopod (English translation)
A retro design with a fixed-height “window” onto the conten



Bold, colorful, full-screen imagery on a single page, with a lightbox portfolio



Serial Cut
Mainly full-screen imagery for a portfolio that includes 3-D, graphic design and photography



Alfa-Bank: U2 (English translation)
The main layout and background imagery changes during navigation



A more traditional website but with subtle navigation effects and transitions for imagery and content



Unowhy (English translation)
Another accordion website, with smooth content transitions and a lot of “hover” effects



Creative People
Very creative imagery, heavy on the AJAX, with many examples of the studio’s work



World of Merix
A full-screen draggable map of the agency’s clients, with a smooth lightbox for the content



The Sixty One
Very much an application, this streaming music service lets you browse artists and related info. As you listen, information pops up on the band



Banadies Architech
A website highlighting the work of an architecture firm. With each click on the navigation, the page elegantly shifts around



Paul J. Noble
A dark portfolio website, with an interesting approach to navigation



Adult Swim Shows
A recent relaunch, with full-screen images for navigation



A marketplace website with a simple interface, carousel navigation for products and lightboxes for detailed descriptions.



Alex Arts
Personal portfolio of Alex Abramov, with full-screen imagery and pop-up content.



Personal portfolio of Adam Rix. Full-screen imagery and subtle navigation.



Eric Johansson
A personal portfolio, with a fun design and scrollable interface

Take a look at the future

Yes, those are experimental but successful. They will show you what is possible with Web standards. Note: they might work only with the most updated from browsers! After checking these you might want to keep being updated with the newest from standards-based website building – for that visit CanvasDemos and Chrome Experiments.


An online code editor from Mozilla.



A simple painting program



JavaScript Wolfenstein 3D, from Nihilogic
The classic game created with Web standards.



Leaf Transform, from Disegno Cetell
A simple falling leaf using the canvas element.



Canvas Animation Demo
A cartoon animation using the canvas element



Canvas Experiment, from 9elements
An audio visualization that reacts to your mouse



Ball Pool
A physics-based demo that lets you drag and push around multi-colored circles



Dynamic Content Injection, from Paul Rouget of Mozilla
An “almost” augmented reality demo that inject images into a video



Canopy Animation
A visualization of a tree that mutates and blooms



Images falling on the screen



3-D Cube Demo
A draggable, zoomable 3-D cube of colors



JavaScript Bike
A game in which you navigate your motorcycle across a terrain



Comments Visualization
A visualization of comments over time by Matt Ryall using Processing.js

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