Here we go with the third article of the current rubric “ Flash vs SEO – SOLUTIONS AND ALTERNATIVES”  Though the articles are already covering much broader analyses we will keep the title the same as the first interruption which let us explore as much in the field of creating Web content.

Though we promised in previous Part 2 to show some shining Web sites favoring Web standards we will afford to delay that a little  and check more analyses about Flash benefits and pros, tendencies in its development and meeting points of  both Web standards and Flash.  

 Flash pros

Flash web sites are starting to disappear and that is a fact – however will that fact force the complete vanishing of Flash? Of course - no! It does not have to! A lot of content and infrastructure have been created to just give them up. A lot of Flash developers will still be employed and a lot of advertisement will still stay running because many organizations and processes won’t be able to restructure that fast and globally. 

Though Flash did not win the competition of plug-in technologies with Java applets, it still brings a lot of benefits such as impressive delivery to users and easy for development. Internet owes a lot to Flash and the innovations it forced!

Let’s take a brief look at Flash benefits:

It comforts a lot


Flash is easy-to-use app for developers and designers. It builds animations and in the same time serves complex applications.

It is easy to manipulate with and that on the other hand really lowed down the entering barrier for beginners in the Web design and development field. It works perfectly with the suit of apps from Adobe.  

Widely used, consistent and compensating

For a long time till up-to-date Flash has been the only option to insure huge and impressive interaction across the majority of browsers and platforms. This till now has happened non-stop in a very consistent way. It remains till now to be the only way to deliver video and audio to older browsers.

On the other hand Flash compensates the lack of font support in the browsers by swfObject. It is really disappointing to pick up a great newly released font for your website and find out that same format is not supported.

Covers Web Standards missing

Here we come again on the issue of older browsers support. A standards-based web site can really get stuck with having to deliver audio, video and data-heavy interface with older browsers and this is where Flash has to come into use as a reasonable fall-back to deliver media.  

To deliver complex visualization, 3-D animation and games requires the same. If an IE6 browser has to be supported Flash can be the easiest solution.

Get the best of both worlds

Some of the Flash developers take currently the way of using Flash as a bases to strengthen their websites and applications. Flash will continue to be a mighty add-on to broaden stunning experience, serve mobile devices, reach search engines etc. In that order of thoughts - the Flash injection technique is probably the most wise way to get the best of both worlds.

What we see in the future

Having Adobe as a supporter has always been a great plus. It will maybe proceed pushing Flash especially on

mobile devices.

Developers will soon be capable to lay Flash projects as native iPhone apps as a part of the iPhone package with the help of Creative Suite 5. Besides Flash is expected to develop and grow from an animation application to a really advanced desktop and a mobile application development environment. This could happen with help of AIR and  other related advancements.

It might appear even that the Flash demands will increase with the increasing need of translating consistently apps between desktop and mobile devices.

They are all tools for creating stunning Web facilities

They all – Flash, HTML, CSS and JavaScripts - are simply sources to create and perfect the Web content.

The fact that Flash steps back positions in creating Web sites does not mean it will disappear as a tool. There is a maxima that whatever is created and valid to build good Internet applications stays valid no matter what other tool is used. In that sense having Flash as a known alternative might really enforce the transition to Web standards development.

Flash and Web standards have a lot in common. Take for example graphic design, object orientating programming, interface and interaction design, typography, layout etc

Supporting developers from both sides are trying to achieve the same – namely to create amazing experience for the users, to build intuitive interaction and easy-to-use websites. Working shoulder by shoulder will ensure quick successful results. 

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