Choose wisely your affiliate networks

To sign up with an affiliate network as an affiliate marketer is a matter of just seconds. Does that however make the choice of  the most suitable networks for your sites easy? As we already know the affiliate networks work as a third party to attract people to sign up as merchants’ affiliate marketers.

Here is a brief, reminding expo of the aspects to be observed when choosing your networks as a marketer:

1) Choose your kind of Affiliate Network

Yes they do differ… and each one has its own characteristics…And of course the best choice for you as an affiliate marketer is to pick the one or the few which will suite mostly your demands.

How to start? – by making the picture more clear  and clarify for yourself the variety of affiliate networks.

Where to get that kind of info from? – Affiliate webmasters forums – the place where they will answer questions which you do not even have in your beginner’s mind. It’s a reliable source because this is where successful affiliates who have had plenty of experience with networks are eager to share the pros and cons about one or another of them. More over forums are functionally allowing you not only to follow discussions but to create new ones. You do not have to be shy to open a new thread, get them acquainted with your planned sites and ask advices about your future  choice. 

When getting that kind of info from that kind of source  the key areas you have to dig in should be:

  • How many programs each of the affiliate networks offer;
  • Are those programs  convertive;
  • How reliable are the payments to affiliates;
  • Do they provide affiliates with promotional content and of what type etc

All of those are important points to clarify for each of the affiliate networks you will come to know. According to what level each of those aspects are developed affiliate networks widely vary.

Of course evaluating them does not have to be objective but subjective – meaning you should have in mind your own strengths and weaknesses and pick up the ones mostly filling your needs and gaps. For example if you are a designer you should not care much about the promotional or marketing content because most probably you will be dealing with the graphics and banners chasing competitiveness in comparison with other affiliates promoting similar products.

2) Analyze your affiliate business

In the context of the above – your research for affiliate networks should start with clarifying the peculiarities of your own sites and targets. Have in mind:

- your target auditoria – the regions and countries it comes from, and search for networks with affiliate programs that operate in those areas;



- the kind of products you are going to promote – choose a network which has plenty of experience in running the respective category of affiliate programs ( has a few of them);

- check and compare the affiliate networks used by your kind of product merchants’ websites - search the websites  of the kind of product you are planning to promote – check the links of their affiliate programs. There is a possibility they run their own affiliate programs, however mostly their websites are parts of huge affiliate networks. If you find that one network is repeatedly used by your kind of product websites  that definitely will make your choice easier;

- Check the preferences of the merchants whose product you will be promoting – often it occurs that you should be a member of a specific affiliate network to promote and sell the product of a specific merchant


3) Choose more then one but less then five affiliate networks

All those researches you have to do might leave you with the impression that it is an expensive choice you will make and you will have  to pick only one affiliate network.

The impression is right – it is  expensive  – as it defines the risks, efforts, efficiency and time you might lose or gain after signing up with one or another affiliate network.

That is why the last advise is pick more then one but less then five.

The signing up with most of the major affiliate networks is actually free of charge. So there are no expenses’ barriers to go for more then one, more over it is recommendable. Putting your whole affiliate business  in the hands of just one other company is risky. If promoting the programs of a single affiliate network if any problem arises with its structure or functionality the whole of your affiliate business will suffer. That is why it’s wiser to pick a few of them.

However - less then five – if you are a member of plenty of networks promoting their programs – checking stats and getting links and banners will be  a-lot-of time-consuming and hard- to-focus-on-details business.

If you made the right researches, you should not worry about the efficiency of your affiliate business as a member of two or three wisely chosen networks.

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