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Jump over that must-pass level to become a successful blogger

Describes the skills blogging job requires and gives some easy for realization tips to the disciplined blogge
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Market your blog by submitting it and the RSS - Tick that list to get readership.

Another considerable role for building a following readership and respective revenue can play the free submission of your blog to Blog Directories and the RSS Feed to Feed Aggregators(Feed submission sites). Check the following must-tick list.
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How to write search-engine-drawing blog posts

Do you mind search engines when writing your blog posts or you just rely on peoples’ attention preferring to lay on the new maxima that Social Medias really win the nowadays battle with SEO.
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100 popular “places” to submit your RSS Feed and get an optimized blog

Go ahead and submit your RSS Feed to the following list of sites to increase your new blog posts optimization and get more readers
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Nine tips about how to make your blog alive

Some tips about frequency and content in blogging
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Avoid the following pitfalls to start blogging successfully!

Article about what to do and what not to do to start blogging successfully
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