Avoid the following pitfalls to start blogging successfully!

1. The idea that if you build a blog you will get readers is wrong

You can write the best content on the planet, if you don’t promote it will stay unnoticed.

2. Why do you refuse to share anything personal

… a robotic unemotional blog will not have its fans. Blogs are personal If you are not ready to get personal, you’d better focus on your website.

3. Don’t get that personal 

4. Don’t underestimate Social media




The majority of your readers are on Facebook. They are on Twitter. They want you to make a fan page for your blog. They want to read  new things every day. That might be the only way they see your content nowadays. Bloggers should be social

5. Be friendly and a team player

Blogging is not a competition. As a blogger you have colleagues. You should be active within your niche. Even if you think blog hops are silly wastes of time…hop along if your niche is participating. Most niches work with each other... more over if you are always the one taking, you won’t be popular with other bloggers….and they will not link to you and will not look for you when they need something.

6. You become self-confident too soon

Imagine you get decent traffic after a few months blogging. You start not posting on a reliable schedule…readers are gone.  Your readers follow you because they are interested and they get used to you.

7. You act as a fat, boring advertisement

If you consistently give  positive opinions on products and link your readers to spam, they won’t come back. If you want to keep getting paid…you need the trust and respect. If I don’t trust you, I won’t click your affiliate link. “If they like you, if they trust you, if they are sure of you …they might buy from you” Jeffrey Gitommer

8. You are not anything unique

You have to have passion for your topic, and you have to be original in some way.

9. You try everybody to like you

You don’t like people to be upset with you. You don’t like them disagrees with you. However as a blogger, you have to accept it. You don’t have to please everyone.

10. You get obsessed with your blog

Your blog should enrich your life, not take it over.

Being a blogger is a tough job. The day is always not enough, and the return doesn’t always reflect the effort put in.

The professional blogger should not give up. He has to work for his readers.

Never forget why you started your blog. Everybody has a reason… it might be to teach people what you had to learn the hard way.

Bloggers are successful when they are active, earn the trust and loyalty of theirs readers and when they participate in life.

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