A shortcut to affiliate marketing


One of the most popular, quite “easy” and not indulging ways to make money online nowadays is affiliate marketing! That is true because of the nature of that kind of business and the not-requiring-any-skills-to-do-it requirements to practice it!


Lets summarize shortly what exactly affiliate marketing is …and how you could start dealing with it


It is an online business where you promote products of other companies (not your own) and internet marketers and get a part of sale if someone buys the promoted product through  YOUR link.


What are the positive features of affiliate marketing as a kind of business?

-      Quick-start business :You can start running that business the moment you decide – it is that easy and fast. Why not- you do not have to produce, own, neither to store, or deliver a product  or  to take care of it in any other way – therefore you will not pass through the usual preparations which the ordinary manufacturer or reseller would have. 


-       No efforts for manufacturing or ordinary reselling: You are not the ordinary reseller and you are not a manufacturer. That means there is no need to create a product as well. The only thing you create is an ebook or a video course to sell. This does not require any expert skills – just a few tips you have to read about and practice. What you have to be is persuasive and what you have to do is to convince people to buy  the product you are reselling based upon your recommendation, and you immediately get a cut of the sale!


-       No after sale hassle  - that means you don’t have to take care  about the after sale details at all. The product delivery, service, support, the payment process, and the customer’s feedback are taken care of by the owner of the product. As an affiliate marketer – you just have to make a sale and collect your check.


-      It is even easier when you are promoting popular products If you are affiliate of a popular product, you can be completely sure that most of the people you will have to convince to buy the product already know about it. The representing of the product benefits to the public can be considered a  job done. In that case your only work is to push people buy a product they were considering purchasing any way. With popular products half of the marketing job is already done.  


How to start affiliate marketing - step by step


-  The first thing to do if you would like to try being affiliate marketer is to find a product to promote and sell.  Simply look at the product owner website. Almost all of them which are selling online have affiliate programs or partner programs nowadays.





-  When  you find the program, go through it in details. Usually, the process of   signing up for the affiliate/partn program is easy and after you are done with that you will...




-  get a special link for the sales site. This  link is necessary because it will show to the product owner that it is you who sends the customer to their site, so that you can receive your share. Normally you have to check the statistics on their site and  get payments via check or paypal.


-  Once you get the affiliate link for the product you will promote and sell, your next job is  to drive targetted traffic to the sales website through your affiliate link. You can do the following:


1. Use this  link in post reviews on specialized blogs or websites  



2. Use Google adwords  



3. Use e-mail marketing by consecutive sending of mails with the link - as a part of an article related to the product or alone to your email list.


4. Use social media to recommend to friends and fans the link in  intriguing contexts etc





To cut the long story short - starting with affiliate marketing is as simple as :

-       Choosing a product to promote and sell;

-       Getting an affiliate link;

-       Generate traffic;

-       …and enjoy the result 

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